25 watt Samsung Charger

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Physical specification

  • Dimension (WxHxD): 50.25 x 68.75 x 27.21 mm
  • Weight:63 g


  • Input Voltage:100-240 V
  • Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge)5 V
  • Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge)PDO : 9 V / PPS : 3.3-5.9 V or 3.3-11.0 V
  • Output Current (Max, Normal Charge)3 A
  • Output Current (Max, Fast Charge)PDO : 2.77 A(9 V) / PPS : 3.0 A(3.3-5.9 V) or 2.25 A(3.3-11.0 V)


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25 watt Samsung Charger

Introducing the 25 watt Samsung Charger cutting-edge Wall Charger equipped with Super Fast Charging (25W) technology, crafted to empower your devices with the swift and efficient power they crave. Leveraging the latest Power Delivery (PD) innovation, this Samsung wall charger serves up an impressive 25W charge, ensuring a rapid power infusion for compatible devices such as the Galaxy S10 5G, A80, A70, and forthcoming models.

Immerse yourself in the world of rapid charging, courtesy of the 3 Amp power surge that ensures your phone absorbs energy at a significantly accelerated pace, leaving conventional chargers in the dust. The setup process is a breeze—simply plug into any standard wall outlet using the accompanying AC adapter, and for the best results, couple the charger with an official Samsung Type C to Type C charging cable.

Impeccably designed in a sleek white hue, this charger boasts compact dimensions of 50.25 x 68.75 x 27.21 mm, making it an unobtrusive addition to your setup. Weighing in at a mere 63g, it’s a lightweight yet powerful ally in your daily charging routine. With its dynamic blend of Super Fast Charging and PD 3.0 PPS max. 25W features, this charger emerges as a versatile and dependable choice, catering to a wide array of charging requirements while keeping you firmly in control of your device’s energy needs.

Fast charging plays a crucial role in today’s fast-paced lifestyle and technology-dependent world. Its significance lies in several key areas:

Importance of 25 watt Samsung Charger:

Time Efficiency: Fast charging significantly reduces the time required to charge electronic devices, allowing users to quickly replenish their devices’ battery levels. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with busy schedules or those who rely heavily on their devices throughout the day.

Convenience: With fast charging, users have the convenience of quickly topping up their devices even during short breaks. This is especially useful in situations where users need to use their devices urgently and cannot afford to wait for an extended charging period.

Enhanced Productivity: By minimizing the downtime associated with charging, fast charging enables users to remain productive for longer periods without interruptions. This is particularly important for professionals, students, and individuals who rely on their devices for work, communication, and various tasks.

Flexibility: Fast charging provides users with more flexibility in managing their devices’ battery life, allowing them to make quick charging decisions based on their immediate needs. This flexibility helps in better managing unpredictable and demanding situations.

User Experience: Fast charging contributes to an overall positive user experience by reducing the frustration associated with prolonged charging times. It enhances user satisfaction and ensures a seamless and efficient usage experience.

While it’s essential to take care of the battery health and longevity of the device, fast charging, when used judiciously and in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, offers a significant advantage in the realm of convenience and productivity.

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    25 watt Samsung Charger
    25 watt Samsung Charger


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