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Mosquito Killer Lamp small

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 Mosquito lamp uses physical mosquito control which is safe and noise-free and is suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and other places. It can also be used as a decorative and fashionable decoration. The mosquito trap is easy to clean just remove the tray for cleaning. Double trapping ability the mosquito killer lamp has 6 ultraviolet mini lamps which emit light with a wavelength of 365-395NM which is very attractive to mosquitoes. The light is used to attract mosquitoes then the fan sucks them in so they can’t escape.

Size: 12×21.5cm (approx) 

Color: As shown in the pictures and video section at bottom.



Mosquito Killer Lamp ensures an Ultra Safe Guarantee, boasting a radiation-free, noiseless, non-toxic, and chemical-free operation, making it safe for both human health and the environment, even for pregnant women and babies.

Key Features of Mosquito killer lamp:

Effective Mosquito Control: Six UV lightbulbs emitting a 368nm wavelength attract and trap flies and insects into the mosquito tray through a powerful cyclone, ultimately dehydrating and eliminating them.
Versatile Usage: Powered via USB, this portable device is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, offering both insect control and lighting functionalities.
Easy Maintenance: A removable plastic tray collects dead insects, facilitating easy cleaning and disposal for swift maintenance.
Superior Coverage: Providing coverage for up to 600 square feet, this mosquito killer lamp operates continuously and without interruption, creating an insect-free environment and ensuring relief from painful bites.
Multi-Purpose Use: Suitable for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces, the lamp serves as a decorative and fashionable addition to any setting.
Dual Trapping Mechanism: Equipped with 6 ultraviolet mini lamps emitting light at a wavelength of 365-395NM, the device effectively lures mosquitoes before trapping them via a built-in fan, preventing their escape.


Killing mosquitoes is crucial for safeguarding public health and reducing the spread of deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and West Nile virus. These disease-transmitting pests pose a significant threat to global health, especially in regions with high mosquito populations. Eliminating mosquitoes helps prevent the transmission of these life-threatening illnesses, thereby protecting vulnerable populations, including pregnant women and young children. Furthermore, reducing mosquito populations contributes to the overall well-being of ecosystems, promoting a safer and more sustainable environment for all living organisms.

Product information:

Product Size: Approximately 12×21.5cm
Colour: As shown in the attached pictures and video section at the bottom.
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Attached are the pictures of the Mosquito Killer Lamp for your reference.


Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Killer Lamp Mosquito Killer Lamp

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